Tuesday, March 18, 2008

its that time of year

its that time of year
when tender mangoes
hang in clumps
in the mango groves.

and the fragrance
of the blossoms
hangs heavy in the air.

the plaintive cries
of the koyal and the mynah
rent the air
as they are driven
by nature to seek their mates.

its that time of year
when all of nature
waits with bated breath
with me as i wait
for a sign from my beloved.

a sign that will
fulfill me
make me complete
and rejoice my second life.

therein lies
my liberation.


brocasarea said...

mangoes!..yummy!..hope this year also i get some of them from my native[for free of cost]:)

Shruti said...

aah.. I know its mango season when the little boys are suddenly interested in climbing the boundary wall of the colony.. and then jump on to the mango tree :P

misti said...

Beautiful, we always associate spring with flowers, birds and clear sky, but u started it with my fav fruit. Quite unique and lovely.

Guruprasad said...

@brocasarea : you get free mangoes from your native? you lucky guy... here's wishing you get an extra 'peti' this year :)

@shruti : mangoes are irresistible for the young and the old. don't you feel like plucking them when you see the bunches on the trees?

@misti : thanks... spring is always mango blossoms for me and summer is the golden king of fruits! don't you agree? :)