Sunday, March 30, 2008

today i meet my destiny

i woke up this morning
and i knew
that today is the day
i'll meet my destiny.

how do i know, you ask?
i just know, and i know
you will know too
when your time has come!

i'm going to light up
1008 lights to light your path
and welcome you back home,
where i'll make an offering of gratitude.

we were destined to meet
for thus would i be fulfilled.
this was destined to be
for you are my destiny!


~nm said...

I have been reading all your poems lately and they all seem quite intense or with deep feelings. The degree of intensity might vary though.

Do you write with some inspiration/incident behind? Or do you write just like that?

Gazal said...

why a specific no. like 1008??

Ps said...

Why today? Why now? And why 1008?
Nice poem.
I liked this one too.

Guruprasad said...

@~nm : thanks :)
even i have no clue where these come from. but i guess there must be some earlier inspiration/ impression which prompts this. how else do you explain it?

@gazal : why 1008? i don't know. but i believe its considered an auspicious number like 108. i think the vishnu sahasranama has 1008 names of the lord! let me check that out.

@ps : why today? there's no better time than today, no? and nothing like right now :)
and check the response above for 1008.
and thanks :)
i don't know how long this 'poem phase' will last :P

Thinking aloud said...

and i thought you were meeting goddess lakshmi today ...:-P

seriously tho, me thinks... your poems are damn good!!! i liked this one too...:)

Guruprasad said...

@TA : thanx :)
and this destiny i am meeting is far more valuable to me than goddess lakshmi herself :)